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Climate & Weather

Vietnam is in an area of tropical and subtropical climate, with monsoons, much of sun, abundant rains and a great moisture. Some zones, close to the Tropics of Cancer area and at the altitudes have a moderate climate...

Historic Landmarks

At the beginning of the bronze age, the tribes of Viets settled in the Northern and until the north of the Central of Vietnam with approximately 15 different groups of Lac Viets in the plateaux of Northern and in the Red River delta , more than a dozen of Au Viet in the North-East


Vietnam is a country in the process of development with a GDP of 2000$/person by purchasing power parity. It profits especially from solid social infrastructures: the schooling rate: 67%, the life expectancy: 68 years...


According to their tradition, Vietnameses practise three religions: Buddhism, Confucianism and Taoism, under the reign of all the feudal dynasties, these three religions were in same principle. From 17th century, Catholicism (10% of the population) was introduced in Vietnam...


On the political level, Vietnam obtained a mode with single party, based on the "democratic centralism" principle and the leader role of the Party on the State and the society. The Communist Party counts 2,5 million members. The diagram of the central State, with its distribution of competences between the government,..

Vietnamese People

A population of more than 80 million inhabitants belongs to the eight linguistic groups: Viet-Muong, Tay - Thai, Mon - Khmer, Mong-Dzao, KaDai, Austronesian, Sino - Tibetan and Tibéto - Burmese, influenced by two great cultures: Chinese and Indian...


Located at the center of Southeast Asia, with a surface of 329 241 km², Vietnam is formed of an S of which the Northern (Tonkin), the central (Annam) and the Southern (Cochinchine) are the areas carrying the characteristic features. After a long history, these three territories met to make the name Vietnam since 1802...

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Vietnameses call their country "Dat Nuoc" meaning " Earth and water", a great thousand-year-old culture, typically of the South East Asia . Today, they see more and more the planes in the sky, but they do not hear any more a siren of alarm...

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