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- Airplane: Vietnam Airlines has much progress for a few years and became one of the best airline companies of the world by the safety and the quality of service. The domestic flights included the airport tax and cover almost all the large cities of the country. Caution : there is, sometimes, the changes of flight schedules, especially around the public holidays when the requests often exceed the offers.

- Train: The Express train (TGV) is still the dream of Vietnamese, we have only the TGL (Train of great slowness), the rail network since the beginning of the 20è century remains still well in use. From Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh city E1 (fastest, therefore expensive), we spend 32 h, equal to 50km/h. S1, S3, S5 and S7 approximately spend 41 h. These same trains in the Saigon-Hanoi direction carry the numbers E2, S2, S4, S6 and S8 and spend same time. On the other hand, they are liked more and more by the tourists by safety, comfort (berth with 4 people per compartment, clean, with mattress, air-conditioning, safe box for luggages). Moreover, you can admire beautiful landscapes along the road, and the tariff less expensive than the air tickets.

- Taxi: there are now a lot of private taxi companies in the large cities. Price in dôngs posted in the meter. It is the most reliable transport mean (it’s not possible dispute with the meter) and the cheapest to circulate downtown.

- Car + Bus : In Vietnam, we drive on the right, it is preferable to rent a driven car to lead yourself the vehicle. The cars and buses are in the same standard than in Europe : (good, clean, air-conditioned), the drivers speak a little bit English sometimes.

In fact, the guides make the heart of the trips. Our Vietnamese guides speak well french, english and german because all of them are graduate from foreign language universities. They must obligatory own a certificate delivred by the competent State organizations. By their major knowledge on many social, cultural fields and their experiences of the areas, they are always ready to satisfy all your questions as well as your expectations. Their kindness, their enthusiasm and their obligingness explain their very great love for the trade. By such vertues, the Vietnamese guides are always highly appreciated by the foreign travellers.

A smiling and hospitable people, an authentic nature, a colourful culture ensure that Vietnam is a country of an incomparable safety in the world. When you walk in the animate streets of the large cities or in the remote areas, don’t worry about the theft, violence or swindle. However, there are nevertheless black spots in the society, we advise you to be vigilant at the delicate places : railway stations, bus stations, markets, bars, discotheques... to pay attention to your luggages, your passports and your air-tickets.

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